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Jote Prakash Singh Khalsa

Descending into the Soul...

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"I love to unleash people into Divine Creative Flow"

"My life mission is to template a completely organic route to sustainable ecstasy by creating Sacred Spaces attuned to Authentic Joy and Truth."

Follow the Rising Dawn Sanctuary Dream
~ Evolution
~ Education
~ Recovery
~ Permaculture

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


Other Offerings

Kundalini Yoga
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~Addiction Course

~ Classes/



Devoted Man
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~ Building Sacred        Brotherhood

~ Men's Circles

~ Retreats

~ Multi-Orgasmic Man Course

Inspiro Awakening
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1-1 Mentorship working with your shadows and limitations to breath life into your Soul.

Inspiro Design
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Graphic Design coming straight from the Soul for Conscious Businesses

Inspiro Space-Holders
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Practitioner training course on the art of holding deeply transformational trauma-informed sacred space

Massage / Reiki
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Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage and energy healing.

Lay down and let go

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Meet Jote Prakash...

~ Kundalini Yoga Teacher

~ Sacred Sexuality and Creativity Guide

~ Founder of Yotunhiem Theatre

~ Movement/Parkour Coach

~ Men's Work Facilitator

~ Guardian of The
Rising Dawn Sanctuary

~ Founder of Inspiro Awakening


The Men's Sharing Circles were magical, I can't hurl enough superlatives at them!


Jote Prakash's teaching style is great. His most special quality is the ability to trust the divine and just let it flow through him so that he is a channel. In this style everyone gets exactly what they need and it is exactly as it should be.


His ability to let go of control and trust is key to all of this and one that I think is rare to acquire at such a young age but age is just a number and our souls are timeless!


I can’t thank him enough for going through the journey with me, for me and holding the space for us all to connect and be.

Martin Young




"If you are alone and getting bored then you are obviously in bad company"

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