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Inspiro Awakening 1-1

Are you ready for a journey into the core of your being?

This mentorship programme is for anyone that feels

called to steady growth and awakening

on all levels.

Inspiro Awakening.png

Ignite a deeper connection with yourself

Inspire commitment and freedom in all aspects of your Life

If you would like to clear trauma from your cells, free yourself from perpetual patterns of self-destructive habits and rewire your brain into the wavelength of Tranquillity, Ecstasy and Courage

I'm here for you.

A compassionate ear and a channel for the truth to flow through,

I will hold space for you to delve into a deep, transformational process. We will commit to this sacred work, Together...

I ask for 12 sessions minimum so we can drop in deep together

Before each session we tune in together to something greater than ourselves and we call upon that higher power to be present in the room (or in this case, on zoom) and guide us to the most perfect medicine for us in that moment.


I have tools we can use: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Therapeutic Techniques, EFT (Tapping) Movement, Visualisation, Brain Rewiring Exercises. But the biggest and best tool we have at our disposal is the willingness to drop into connection together, to build a relationship, and through that, Magical Healing takes place.


Trauma is formed in Relationship's and is Healed in Relationship.

We will work with my very own LEAF method:

Locate - find the root of the pain, anxiety, fear, emotion. What is the memory that caused it?

Excavate - utilise shaking, breathwork, toning, cathartic release to extract the trauma from the cells

Anchor - cement in a new state of being, fill the void with vibrations of love, gratitude and boundaries

Fortify - create a simple way to tap back into the centred state using affirmations, mantras and words to remember your truth

Following the spiral path:

1. Body Awaken - Physical Movement, Kundalini Yoga, Qi-Gong, EFT

2. Sacred Sexuality Awaken - Tantric and Taoist Sacred Sexuality Practice, Self-Love

3. Passion Awaken - Massive Transformational Purpose, Goals

4. Abundance Awaken - Law of Attraction, Money Mindset, NLP

5. Voice Awaken - Spirit Song, NVC, Conscious Communication

6. Magick Awaken - Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Work

7. Spirit Awaken - Divine Connection, Meditation

8. Creativity Awaken - Artist's Way, Flow State Mastery

In the sessions we will focus on:

~ Improving overall mental, physical and sexual health and well-being

~ Healing addictions and transforming self-destructive patterns into positive disciplines

~ Developing a yoga and/or meditation practice to support and uplift you through challenging times


~ Managing and directing emotions in a healthy way

~ Finding more meaning and purpose in life

~ Clearing past trauma and letting go of future fears and worries

~ Building more harmonious relationships with yourself, others and the Earth

~ Tapping into more Creativity

~ Becoming more of who you are + creating a life based on our deepest heart desires instead of what you may feel obliged to be

~ Building a mindset of Abundance to draw in more opportunities, increase money flow and move into a career path which inspires you and serves Humanity

~ And, ultimately, planting more joy, freedom, courage, resilience and tranquillity into the core of your being

The soul Descent 1-1 Mentorship programme (1).png
The soul Descent 1-1 Mentorship programme.png

Exchange: £55/session

Payment Plan Available


I am particularly interested in working with young people who are struggling with addictions or psychosis

If you feel the call email

or click here and we can talk

In Love, In Vulnerability, In Faith,

Sending you Peace from my corner of the world to Yours

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