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'The art of holding deeply-transformational

trauma-informed Sacred Space'

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A 12 Week Programme for Aspiring Life Coaches/ Guides/ Mentors/ Healers: Build Calibre, Confidence and Ignite your Magic

Blending Kundalini Transformation, Shamanic Ritual, Shadow Work, Sacred Play & Group Process.


Become an Inspiro Space-Holder and join the Tribe!

A deep commitment not only to yourself but also to every person who will inevitably come to you.

In order to transform others we must first transform ourselves

In order to hold space for others we must first hold ourselves

NEXT COURSE STARTS 10th April 2024


First 3 to book: £888
Then £1111
There are payment plans available if needed.


Every Wednesday 7-10pm for 12 sessions. Integration week halfway through.


On zoom. Please ensure you have a solid internet connection.

How to book:

Message JotePrakash on +447866141514 or click the link to register interest and discover whether this transformational course is aligned for you right now.

It doesn't matter if you want to empower people in

Poetry or Food

Intimacy or Business

Creativity or Relationships

Mindfulness or DJ-ing

the essence and algorithm of patient guidance, deep heartfelt listening and compassionate space-holding remain the same.
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You will receive:

12 Week Training in an intimate & supportive group

3 Hour Group Sharing/Training every week on Zoom

Inspiro Practitioner Manual

The Inspiro Awakening Toolbox

WhatsApp Group for Accountability, Offloading and Inspiration

Unlimited Access to the Online Tavern Space after the course.


A 1-1 Inspiro Awakening session with Jote-Prakash


Certificate upon completion

A couple of special surprises!

The commitment from you:

To turn up each week or catch up later
To be active in the group
Complete a case study after
To be open to diving into the journey
To practice the meditations

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We will be covering:

Opening and Closing Sacred Space

Holding Rituals and Ceremonies

Boundaries and Consent

Marketing and Sales

Uncovering Your Niche

Transmuting Emotional Charges

Somatic Body Work

The Inspiro Space-Holder Code

The LEAF Method

Working with Shadow/Trauma/Grief

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Nervous System Regulation

Meditation and Breathwork

Daily Energy Practice for SpaceHolders

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The Journey

Week 1: Inspiration

Find your why. Embody your essence. Relax into the journey.

Week 2: Sharing Circles

Learn how to hold sharing circles to inspire authentic communication.

Week 3: Expression Circles

Learn how to hold expression circles to inspire authentic vocal expression, emotions & song.

Week 4: Movement Circles

Learn how to hold movement circles to inspire creative movement that sets the body free.

Week 5: Connection Circles

Learn how to hold connection circles to inspire safe, sensual connection between people.

Week 6: Healing Circles

Learn how to hold healing circles to inspire a deep release of stuck energy or trauma.

Week 7: The Chakras

Deep dive into the Kundalini Awakening process and how to work with the energy in the body.

Week 8: Ritual Space

How to hold rituals or ceremonies to inspire altered states and connect to the Divine.

Week 9: Shamanic Journeys

Guiding people to journey into their inner world, connect to guides and spirit animals.

Week 10: Shadow Theatre

Offering space for people to embrace their shadow aspects and integrate them.

Week 11: Business

Marketing, sales and business as a transformational process. Structure vs Flow.

Week 12: Integration

Reflecting on the journey. What's next?

Who is the Inspiro Course for?

Yoga Teachers who wish to incorporate a more Shamanic and Ceremonial aspect into their classes to inspire deeper transformation

Free Yoga

The 11 Values of Inspiro

1. Inspiro is about breathing life and inspiration into every space we hold.
2. Inspiro is about meeting the depth of your own being so you can hold space for others to do the same.
3. Inspiro is about leaning into our darkness, our fear, our pain and alchemising it into gold.
4. Inspiro is about deeper listening to the what we can do to serve the space and meet the group need.

Inspiro is about creating a fertile environment for growth and healing NOT forcing or rushing change.
6. Inspiro is about being centred in our own hearts and feeling compassion from a place of wholeness and authenticity.
7. Inspiro is about being radically devoted to deepening the art of holding Sacred Space.
8. Inspiro is about letting go of grasping hold of control, and simply about dwelling in the great mystery.
9. Inspiro is about leading the wa
y with your own vulnerability to help others feel safe to open up.
10. Inspiro is about expanding Unconditional Love for yourself, for those in your spaces and for the entire planet.
Inspiro is about slowing down and embracing the organic pace of life and transformation.

Some words from our Inspiro Practioners


"Joining the Inspiro course with Jote Prakash had, and continues to have, a huge impact on how I work with others in sacred space.

The course taught me not just some incredible tools to work with others through, but also some incredible tools to work with myself through.

Over the time of the Inspiro journey, my life and the way I interact with others significantly changed - a shift occurred through sitting in regular sacred space with other amazing individuals on a journey to grow.

Jote Prakash holds the online space incredibly well, and for the first time in the years since Zoom began, I actually looked forward to opening my computer and logging on.

One year on from this course, I have taken 1-1 clients on and host monthly scared spaces of up to 30 people, and am organising retreats for later this year. I would not have the confidence or clarity on how to safely hold these spaces if it were not for Inspiro with Jote Prakash, and for that I am very grateful, and recommend anyone who is considering the course to sign up!"

George Sargent-Childs

The Inspiro course brought me home to me and Jote Prakash guided that.


He created a space with nine others where all of me could be seen, heard, held and loved and that was incredibly healing.


I had tension in my neck and shoulders for a few years and massage would only ease it for a short while. I noticed, after the Inspiro course, the tension has gone. If I do feel it creep in I know how to soften and release it through the tools I learned on the course.


It has also given me confidence that I can do that now for myself and ultimately others through my work as a Yoga teacher and Space holder.

Collete Daux

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-17 at 16.42.23.jpeg

Every session was profound. It was raw, authentic, juicy and inspiring.


I felt called to do the Inspiro Course to further develop and deepen my skills and capacity as a space holder. I had recently completed my conscious connected breathwork facilitator training and wanted to explore different methods and tools in which I can support the people I work with and also prepare myself better for what may arise in my sessions, as participants often experience emotional and traumatic release. I also wanted to explore different methods and ideas on how to navigate setting containers for holding circles and 1-2-1's.

My background is as an NHS worker and I have been working in corporate healthcare for 10 years and have been feeling a burning desire within me to shift my energy into doing deeper work with those who feel called to. 

During the course I was able to move through a lot of fears, blockages and self-judgement and was held, supported and encouraged throughout by Jote-Prakash and the other participants. It was an honour to witness each others journey and processes in a space of love and non-judgement. 

This truly was a journey back to self, one of deepening end delayering. We were each other's mirrors and reflected so much truth back to each other. I discovered my strengths and my weaknesses. And I feel stronger and more empowered still months later. Jote-Prakash has been a mentor and a brother and I will always cherish what we shared as a group together.

I highly recommend this course. The content is great and diverse and I felt like we covered a lot of grounds. You will have a deeper understanding and gain confidence in leading rituals and ceremony. You will forge beautiful connections and will reap the benefits no matter what. I am truly grateful for the whole experience and the opportunities that have presented itself following the course. 

The journey continues.



My Inspiro Spaceholders Journey empowered me to spiral deeper into my Truth.

Parts of me I hadn't acknowledged for a long time, felt invited to be witnessed, loved and embraced by the whole group. 

Jote-Prakash held space with a tender awareness of what we were collectively moving through - drawing from his own experience with Radical Bravery. The level of depth he was willing to reveal, inspired me to crack open, deeper and deeper, every week.

I feel my confidence blossomed over these 12 weeks, giving me the tools I need to more intimately connect with myself and my clients. 

I gained invaluable experience of Sacred Alchemy.


Now my fire is burning brighter than ever before, to root down into a career as a Sacred Spaceholder. 

Awen. Love. 🐻

Ben James Stuchbury

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-17 at 19.29.36.jpeg

The Inspiro Space Holders Journey was an unforgettable experience that I will forever be grateful for.


What I thought was going to be simply learning the skills to hold trauma informed sacred spaces for others, turned out also to be a deeply transformative journey of deepening into myself. Of learning to truly hold myself through all parts of life, allowing me to trust in my ability hold space for others in a deeply meaningful embodied way.


Throughout this course I have discovered layers of intimacy and connection never known before, it really is incredible the depth of connection and trust that can be build even through zoom calls!


I have made beautiful lifelong friendships  on this journey, with foundations of authenticity that this course has allowed me to drop into. Meeting each other beyond the masks in scared space was a true gift. The consistency of the weekly meetings allowed a development of devotion to the sacred space and anchored me in accountability, to show up for myself and the space. To bring myself fully, in whatever form, however I am.


With the guidance of this course I feel more equipped with tools to hold space and a higher capacity to trust the unfolding of the mystery.


If you want to truly be met with unconditional love and authenticity whilst discovering your space holding skills, then this is the course for you. I recommend with every cell of my body!!  

Amelia May

Who is holding the course?

My name is JotePrakash Singh Khalsa, I used to be called Tom.


I am an Inspiro Awakening Coach, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Musician, a Writer and a Ritual Space Holder and have been holding Sacred Space since 2016.

My mission is to provide humanity with a completely wholistic route to connection with the Divine Creative Flow by creating Sacred Spaces attuned to deep, authentic joy and Truth.


I believe that sustainable happiness can only come from a healthy balance of Self-Love, surrender and boundaries.


I have a deep love for dancing, music, chanting and taking my clothes off and jumping into freezing cold rivers.


Refund Policy

• If you cancel within 4 weeks of the event start date, 50% of the ticket cost will be refunded.

• If you cancel less than 4 weeks before, or if you withdraw from the event after the start of the first day, no part of the ticket cost will be refunded.

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