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For so long in my life I have been completely baffled by women

Completely out of my depth in my relationships

It has caused me such grief

To feel the realisation cascade into me that, in fact, I do not understand women.

But in that grief there is an opening

An opening into the mystery

A recognition that no one has showed me how to truly honour the feminine within and without

That I didn't have the role models

That it wasn't my fault I caused pain and felt pain

That I wasn't to know what I can bring to the relationship as a man

So, in the last 5 years, I've dived in deep

First, learning to honour the feminine within me by SLOWING DOWN. Then slowing down some more.

Then showing up in my relationships in a new way

A way in which my divine masculinity could come through in a healthy and balanced flow

And it has been challenging to work through some deeply engrained patterns but I feel so blessed to have found a wonderful mirror in my Wife

I'm delighted to say that, in this course, we will be united.

My partner will be joining us for aspects of the course to talk about how things have been for her as a woman.

I will also be opening up a fraction of spaces for women to come on the course, witness the healing of the men and offer their energy into the space

For every 2 tickets sold to men, I will release one space for a woman - this is to keep it mainly as a mens sacred sexuality course with women as witnesses

Week 1: The Shadow Masculine

Week 2: The Golden Masculine

Week 3: Honouring our Inner Woman

Week 4: Honouring All Women

~ 4 Live Sessions - 12 hours in total
~ Recorded Transmissions and Workbook
~ A supportive WhatsApp group
~ Discount on 1-1 Mentorship with JotePrakash

START DATE: 29th Sep (integration week off on 20th October)

TIME: Thursdays 6-9pm GMT UK

All online and will be recorded

PAYMENT: £222 (early bird - £155- ends 31st August)

2 month payment plan available

JotePrakash may be 23 years old but he has the beard of a 67 year old wizard.
Some people call him wiser than his years but he feels like a fool, particularly when writing in the 3rd person.

He is a kundalini yoga teacher and mens work facilitator and has been holding space for 5 years now.

He loves to help men connect back into their hearts and is particularly inspired about how we can relate more wholesomely in all aspects of our lives.


Get in touch on if you want to arrange a 15m chat to see if this will align with you where you're at in your journey.

Or just trust the calling and I'll see you there!

With love and tender strength,
JotePrakash Singh x

RDS Covers_edited.jpg

Ah, the fabled energetic orgasm

Once believed impossible for men to have

Shrouded in mystery

Ancient texts held the wisdom

Or you had to subscribe to a 'Tantra School'

Hidden and shamed to keep us de-sensitised,
running on the rat race

Until the age of information came upon us and now all of us have access to these immensely powerful teachings

(shout out to Mantak Chia)

Teachings to get us out of our heads and into our bodies

To show how to breathe, sound and move

To harness our emotions and transmute our pain

To increase our pleasure threshold and expand our orgasmic potential

Thereby expanding our creative potential too

You'll feel your Multi-Orgasmic Potential in 4 weeks or your money back...





















Read more about Multi-Orgasms here:

Week 1: Opening to Sensation
We come together to unfreeze our numbness by expressing our emotion (Energy in Motion)
To share and be held in a loving Brotherhood.

Week 2: The Self-Love Ritual
We softly learn to love ourselves first, to breathe in that love and circulate it around our weary bodies so that we may exude that love to those around us.
To learn how to magnetise instead of chase.

Week 3: Tantric Kung-Fu
We develop a discipline that will strengthen our nervous system so we are more able to hold the huge energy that will inevitably ripple through us.
To transmute our lust into our greatest gift.

Week 4: Honouring the Feminine
We begin to slow down, to be steady and walk with grace. To bow down at the Temple of the Feminine and find solace in our Sacred Hearts.
To become One with all that we are.


~ 4 Live Sessions - 12 hours in total
~ A powerful workbook
~ A supportive WhatsApp group
~ The Self-Love Ritual PDF
~ Discount on 1-1 Private Mentorship with JotePrakash


Devoted Man Retreats

Warrior (17).jpg

Devoted Man Retreat always contains: 
• Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 🧘‍♂️
• Wild Man Dance 🐺
• The Rites of Passage 🌀
• Sharing Circles 💫
• Shadow Work 🖤
• Sacred Fire Jams 🔥
• Breathwork Resolution Journey 🌬️
• Taoist Sexual Kung-Fu + Tantric Practices 😇
• Magick and Ritual 🧙‍♂️
• Shiva Activation 🦁
• AND a tasty dose of good quality, harmless banter! 😂

This could be for you if:
~ You feel the calling to rise up as a Sacred Masculine force for your comrades, your family and the world

~ You're ready to transform your rage, grief and sorrow into art

~ You long to connect authentically in a long-lasting brotherhood

~ You want to master your sexual energy

~ You have addictions and patterns to rewire and overcome

~ You need to heal a Mother Wound/Father Wound/Trauma

~ You wish to become an apprentice to the Wild Man within

~ You have a calling to embody the masculine archetypes deeper and become a more empowered Lover, Magician, Warrior, King

~ You feel the pull to walk the spiral path and commit to steady growth and discipline

~ You are determined to no longer be held back by petty anxieties, doubts and fears

~ You are committed to tapping into your fullest power and greatest potential

If you feel the call to deep dive into what it is to show up as a DEVOTED MAN then simply WhatsApp/voice note/FB message JP on 07866141514 or email and say

'DEVOTED' and I will keep you in touch with upcoming retreats.

This is a container for Deep Growth...
It promises to be utterly Wild and Sacred...
Complete Transformation awaits... 🙏🧡🙏

Come and join the Devoted Man Brotherhood!

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