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Each Kundalini Yoga experience is a journey unto itself. Known as the Yoga of Awareness this practice will present to you a system and toolbox so you can bring more consciousness and creativity into every aspect of your life. Each class provides a whole new experience, it could be sweaty and physical, or deeply meditative. I have found it to be a comprehensive practice of the Essence of Yoga and there is something in this practice for all. If you can breathe you can practice. 

Kundalini Yoga incorporates:


Setting the body in different angles and triangles for elongated periods of time to embody your inner divinity and infuse peace into your cells.

Pranayama (breathwork) 

Exploration of a huge variety of breathing techniques to increase mental focus, energize the body, cool down emotions, and balance the mind.

Kundalini Yoga


Use of Sacred Sound to uplift your mental state. We vibrate and resonate ancient, primal mantras to bring you to the very core of your being. 


Use of hand positions to shift brainwaves and bring about more peace, serenity and receptivity.

Work on the Chakras

Clearing blockages in each of the 8 energy centres located along the spine. Allowing the Kundalini (creative potential) to rise up the spine. In the process, strengthening the nervous system, glands, organs, immune system, cardiovascular system and the brain.

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The Seven Steps to Happiness

Step 1: Commitment

Ah, the brutal simplicity of commitment being the first step. Yet often the hardest to get behind. Remind yourself that we are built to commit. Meant to even. Hence: Commit-MEANT. Commitment is where you take something on and work at it day in day out for a certain amount of time. You don't commit to eating chocolate every day sorry, that will not bring you the results you desire. You commit to being kind. Sometimes you have to tell someone something they do not want to hear, that is commitment to your God and their Highest Self.  You commit to doing whatever it takes to be kind to all life and so the staircase begins. Commitment breeds Character.

What are you going to commit to today that will serve yourself and all humanity?

Step 2: Character

Character refers to your reputation and how you uphold and consistently maintain the inner virtues that you project into the world. Kind of like a video game, your character could also be called your Avatar, correspondent to how you move through life and the way you play this game of life. You choose the abilities, skills and stats that you will hone and develop over this lifetime. This makes up your Character. All your flaws, facets and powers meet here in perfect balance. Character allows for Dignity.

What skills are you most inspired to develop in this lifetime?

Step 3: Dignity

Dignity is a very spiritual concept. It is when you come to a recognition that God works through you in those moments when you have aligned your inner state with your highest value. Then life and situations call upon you bring that presence into the room and make yourself known as a Human Being of God. You then have the opportunity to engage from this place and it will always be useful. It's where you see yourself with worth and therefore hold others with compassion and understanding also. It's a space of Sovereignty. People start trusting you, believing in your words and respecting you. Dignity drives Divinity.

How do you hold yourself with dignity in your everyday life?

Step 4: Divinity

In the realm of Divinity you have accepted yourself as a player in the flow of the Divine. You allow that flow to pass through you and you step out of it's way. You become a clear channel for the Universal Energy (Chi) and it is effortless for you to bring forward your greatest gifts into reality. You put yourself out there for another person. When you live this way you achieve Grace. Honouring the Divinity within you means people will trust you right away with no reservation or fear. Nothing can bring you down.

Can you surrender to the flow of the divine right now?

Step 5: Grace

This is about maintenance. You must hold your grace even in the most challenging of circumstances. Grace is the ability to accept yourself as imperfect and yet always re-affirm your beauty in the face of failure. It is where you live out your life knowing that failure is an essential aspect of growth. This step requires discipline to develop. Through Grace you attain a very special Power.

You let go off hidden agendas and gaps between you and other people.

Can you fall off your high horse with Grace and laughter?

Step 6: Power to Sacrifice

You have let go of always concerning yourself with what YOU need or want. You have filled up your own cup and now you have plenty of beautiful energy to share with the world and all humanity. The sacrifice is only one of the ego in the adventure of life. In this place you let your heart lead your head. You have become so connected to the Universal Flow that each beat of your heart reaffirms your existence on this planet. Your intellect has let go of all the stories you were telling yourself and the light of your heart shines forth in every moment. There is only sacrifice and service when you move into this constant state of conscious detachment. It's only in the moment where you need to sacrifice and this happens completely organically. You can stand any pain for love.

Do you find it easy to sacrifice things you have latched onto? It's all got to go sooner or later...

Step 7: Happiness

At the top of this staircase you have built a core of complete happiness that cannot be touched by any words, situations, people or actions. You only wish to say "Thank You for this opportunity." You are thankful for everything that comes your way, so-called good or bad. You feel thankful for the blessings that have come to you in all forms. You are happy to have the chance to serve.  In that gratitude and joy, your state of happiness is anchored into your being and goes everywhere with you, it resides in your actions, in your words, in your breath and in your very thoughts. That happiness is yours to be claimed by you and it will stay... for good.

What can you be thankful for right now?

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